Sandbag Building

A "House of Sand" Sandbag building combines leading edge technology and patented processes, resulting in homes and buildings that are substantially lower in cost to build and run.

The inherent eco-friendly elements that are part of our system are ideal for custom homes and together with our design team, you are assured of a home that reflects your individualism.

The carbon dioxide emission of one square meter of sandbag wall is more than 95% less than that of a conventional brick wall. 

Sand can be found locally nearly everywhere around the world, in some regions even directly on the construction site. As there is no need for centralized processing, there is very little transportation of materials. The sand makes up 98% of the weight of the wall materials.

Due to its flexibility, the system offers several cost saving options, depending on the needs of the builder.

We collaborate with local suppliers of "Green" Technologies to ensure that our homes are as eco-friendly, energy efficient and cost effective as possible. 

The Sandbag System exhibits tremendous thermal stability. Occupants are kept cool in Summer and warm in Winter due to a high thermal mass in the structure. Millions of small air spaces between the grains of sand are responsible for excellent thermal insulation.

The system also has excellent sound-absorbing properties which help to provide a measure of privacy in close-quarter living or between the various rooms of a home. Another feature that guarantees living comfort and a healthy room climate are the “breathable“ walls. Sand, the geo-textile bags and the earthen plaster are vapour permeable.

Due to the enormous weight of sand, Sandbag homes are very wind resistant.
The unique quality of sand to absorb impact is not only responsible for making the walls virtually “bulletproof”, but also perform well in earthquake conditions. According to California Standards  testing, results have documented the Sandbag  system as one of the best methods of construction for earthquake-prone regions. 

Plastered sandbag walls are highly fire resistant. Tests conducted in South Africa in 2011 awarded a fire-rating of more than 1 hour, half an hour being the benchmark for fire test certification.

This construction alternative offers design flexibility, environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, long-term structural integrity, durability and lower home-operation costs.

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