A "House of Sand" Home combines leading edge technology and patented processes, resulting in homes and buildings that are substantially lower in cost to build and run.

Our business model is based on the principles of ethical fair trade aimed at empowering as many people as possible to benefit from what we do, either as a client, a project partner, community based entrepreneur or an investor.

With some extra effort on our part, our homes can provide us with a space that connects us to the pleasures of the natural world, keeping us in touch with the seasons and providing our families with a buffer against our fast-paced lives. Eco-friendly homes are cleaner, more cost- effective and more fun. They use less, do more, last longer, support your local community and help you to connect with the natural world.

An eco-friendly home can be defined as one that considers the environment, our families and how it interacts with its surroundings, both now and in the future. In practice an eco-friendly green home is one that questions the traditions of conventional construction, asking how can we tread more lightly on our natural resources and do it better; making use of non-toxic materials that are easy to reuse or recycle; containing long-lasting, multifunctional furniture; using energy efficiently so it is cheap to run; and being designed with natural lighting in mind.
Simple measures like changing standard light bulbs, switching to gas, installing rainwater harvesting systems or choosing wooden floors from responsible forested projects will save costs on monthly bills and give Mother Nature the break she so desperately needs!

Using eco-friendly construction processes and other alternative “green” technologies we work with our Clients (Builders, Owner Builders and Communities) to design and build eco-friendly structures. Our primary objective is to make owning and living in an environmentally friendly home affordable and desirable while making a positive impact on communities that would normally form no part of the process.

Our manufacturing and construction processes are undertaken by previously unemployed people using an approach to project delivery that is not only kind to the Earth but contributes significantly to skills development, creating employment and the conscious upliftment of people.

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