ecocabin is an environmentally friendly alternative to temporary and permanent housing. The structure is quick and easy to erect, cost effective with plenty of design flexibility.
The system is structurally sound and adheres to municipal regulations in terms of permanent or temporary buildings.


Foundations can be conventional as per brick and mortar structures or can be raised off the ground with anchoring poles concreted into the ground and then a wooden beam system to support the floor and the super-structure.

Wall Structure

The walls are constructed using the Ecobeam system consisting of wood with steel latticing.
These are 180mm wide and provide part of the structural support.

Once the electrical wiring and plumbing fittings are placed, Insulation is placed between the frames. This insulation “Rockwool” provides excellent thermal, acoustic and fire resistance up to 800 Degrees Celsius.

The walls are clad with Magnaboard which is a mineral based, eco-friendly building product otherwise known as MgO board or Magnesium Oxide board. It is homogeneous with no de-lamination. It is virtually impervious to fire, water, insects, mould & mildew; is non-toxic, non- flammable and non-combustible.

Once the walls are completed, conventional finishes can be used to complete the structure.

Roof and Finishes
The roof is constructed using the Ecobeam system and can be pitched or flat / mono pitch. All other finishes are conventional.

Once the Magnaboard is in place the walls can be decoratively detailed with other finishes for aesthetic impact.

We strive to make our ecocabins as Eco-friendly as possible and are able to offer our clients complete off-grid solutions or grid-tied natural energy solutions.

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